10-4 me allows you to send voice and video messages just like you send a text!

There is absolutely no easier or better way to communicate with friends and family then 10-4me. Stop wasting time calling and texting people when all you want to do is send a message. See an amazing moment you want to share? Send a 10-4me video to all your friends.

Record and Send Voice and Video Messages

Easily add and select contacts from your 10-4me address book then instantly send them voice or video messages.

Don't limit video sharing to contacts only! With the press of 1 button, post your 10-4me video on your Facebook wall.

There's a lot you can say or show in 30 seconds, so get started!

Get 10-4me for iPhone & Android!

Create an Unlimited number of Groups

With 10-4me, you can create as many groups as your heart desires. There is no limit!

Get 10-4me for iPhone & Android!

Listen to, Watch, and Reply to Messages

An alert lets you know when you have a new message. No need to login to voicemail. Simply open 10-4me, listen to or view your messages, then reply to the sender or group. It's fast and it's easy.

There's no easier way to communicate with friends and family! Try 10-4me today!

Get 10-4me for iPhone & Android!

Contact Us

Want to learn more about 10-4me? Email us at info@10-4me.com